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8 Filtered Reviews for Moxie Realty Group

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Susanna V.
Austin, TX

Justine handled selling my former home AND helping me buy my new one. She was positive and patient with any bumps or complications (since they happen to the best of us!) that came up and, in the end, she made sure I got into my dream home!! Mishell and Justine are a fantastic team and I had the pleasure of receiving help from both ladies during this process. It is evident they love what they do, and do everything they can to help people make good decisions. I HIGHLY recommend Moxie!


Jill M.
Austin, TX

My husband and I just bought our first house together and everything was going along smoothly until the last three days before closing!!!  Due to a huge error on the bank’s part, everything was turned upside down in the last three days and our closing date was moved back three days….during these few crazy stressful days Justine held things together and tried her best to keep us positive and assure us that we WOULD close on time now no matter what!  She went above and beyond her call of duty to make things happen and keep us as calm as possible.  We did close on the new date and LOVE our new house!  We couldn’t have done it without Justine and Moxie Realty!!!


regina g.
Bozeman, MT

Selling a home can be a stressful experience. Mishell made it as stress-free as  it could possibly be, and I felt that at all times she had my interests at heart. Her manner is cheerful, patient and highly capable. I would recommend her company to anyone buying or selling a house with great enthusiasm.


dusty s.
Austin, TX

Justine and the Moxie Realty Group were Wonderful!! The only reason we have this home is because of Justine’s diligence, knowledge and the connections she has made in the area. We weren’t even looking in the area where we bought but found a wonderful house near downtown. When a bidding war broke out over the house, Justine made our offer (we were going through a bank) seem better than our competition’s cash offer! She is the reason we were able to secure this home and we are so happy with the house and the location!

She has also gone above and beyond her duties in helping us sublease our duplex! She has been extremely patient, easy to work with and calming in times of stress! She got the duplex leased immediately and took even more stress off of our shoulders!

Go with Moxie! You won’t go wrong!

K  R.
Austin, TX

My husband and I were first time home buyers and we probably wouldn’t even have bought a home if it wasn’t for the knowledge and patience of Mishell and Justine. It was so nice to work with down to earth, normal people with no pressure and lots of understanding. We love our house and our neighborhood but after having a baby we may need to upgrade sooner than we thought and we will definitely go with Moxie. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

elisabeth j.
Austin, TX

With Mishell and Justine’s help at Moxie Realty Group I bought my first house.  The most important thing I wanted in a house was a nice garage in which to create things.  I also wanted a yard with the hope of having a garden.  Right away we were off looking at houses in my price range.  Mishell cared deeply that my future house was not only perfect for my needs but free of any major problems.  Professional and fun to work with Mishell worked hard to make first time home buying easy and stress free.  I love my house.


Austin, TX

I had been renting on the hip east side for almost 10 years and wanted to stay as close as possible to the area I had lived in. Most of the houses in the immediate area were out of my price range but Mishell understood the kind of house I was looking for and was able to find way more houses in my price range than I had expected. The house I was most interested in was actually the hardest one to get in and look at. The seller was having trouble getting the renters to agree to a time to let us look at the house. Mishell and Justine were very persistent and once we got in I was sold and that ended up being the house that I bought.

Both Mishell and Justine were very quick to respond to emails with my questions (I had lots of questions as a first time buyer) and they were very good at helping me find a second lender when the first one didn’t work out. There were bumps in the road on my side but they both helped me get through everything and I am very happy with my house.

If you’re looking to buy a new house, I highly recommend Mishell and Justine at Moxie Realty.

Justine G.
Austin, TX

I own a house now that I LOVE!

Even though I own a business, I was a first time home buyer, so everything was new and confusing.  But my agent, Mishell Kneeland, was able to make everything clear — she went above and beyond in working with my schedule (I have a small child and I own a restaurant, so I work hours that are not the same as the bank/mortgage people, title companies, etc.), understanding my taste, and dealing with every aspect of the negotiations, so I didn’t have to.  Sometimes I would change my mind about what I wanted — some days I felt like I wanted modern and new, and sometimes more traditional.  Mishell happily showed me both kinds of houses, was patient when I wasn’t sure, and never made me feel like she just wanted to sell me something to be finished.

I felt confident knowing that Mishell would work hard to get me the best house for my family and always protect my interests through every step. And even though I had to be the one to ultimately make the decisions about what houses to make offers on, Mishell offered opinions when I needed them that were based on her experience and how well she learned me and my needs.  She also looked at the long term for each property we looked at and I know she’ll be there for me if I need her in the future.

My financial situation was probably difficult, as I own a new business, so didn’t even have two years tax returns.  Mishell found me a lender that was willing to work with my unusual situation, and made it work. I absolutely would recommend Moxie Realty to all my friends (and HAVE to my mother, a former real estate agent herself, who is now using them).  And you should use them, too!