Things We Like

As native Californians who chose Austin, the Moxie Ladies obviously have a lot in common.  But they are different in a lot of ways, too; for example, Justine is a married parent, so she looks at parenting blogs that just don’t interest Mishell.  And Mishell travels more, since she only has to buy tickets for one person.  But we wanted to share some links to sites and things that reflect who we are and that we think you’ll enjoy (and for the ones that aren’t obvious, well, you’ll just have to guess who picked).  So, for your reading pleasure, we present a completely random, sometimes changing, absolutely personal and not necessarily even related to real-estate list of cool things, as picked by the Moxie Ladies.

Things We Like in and Around Austin

Austin Habitat for Humanity
Providing a handup (not a handout) to those willing to work to build their homes.

Arts and Entertainment by locals for locals!
Boggy Creek Farm Blog

The folks at Boggy Creek pioneered the urban farming movement in East Austin. Warning! Carol Ann’s descriptions of her chickens may give you a yearning to own your own.
Cooking with Mandy
Austin cook who carefully details and photographs steps to make everything from Texas favorites to lighter meals.
Continental Club

The site of the Moxie Ladies’ fateful meeting – over by the left side of the stage – and a great place to see live music.
Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM)

One of the coolest things about Austin is that it values its working musicians. HAAM gives then access to affordable health that focuses on prevention and wellness.
Harlequin Pet Services

One of our favorite pet sitters.
The band that was playing the night the Moxie Ladies met . . . the rest is history!
Justine’s Brasserie
Restaurant, bar, cool hangout with shaded oaks. Plus it’s the perfect place to stop when coming home from the airport.
Meals on Wheels and More
Providing food and companionship to elderly folks who can’t get out for meals. You learn a lot about Austin and its residents delivering for MOW.
SIMS Foundation
Low cost access to mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin-area musicians and their families.

City of Austin and Local School Info

Austin Chamber of Commerce
Connecting local business large and small.
Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Good place to look for local events and the free visitors guide is a great resource for newbies.
City of Austin
Parks, Library’s, City Council Sessions, and Events.
Austin Area Schools
Contact information for most area school districts via the City of Austin’s website for some reason it’s missing the Dripping Springs Independent School District and we just have to include this one because it’s where the Moxie kids go!
Great Schools
Compare schools, find top rated schools and read parent reviews.

Things We Like from Anywhere and Everywhere, Far and Near

A&M Texas Gardening Website
When you want to know when, how, and why to plant in Texas, these are the scientists with the know-how.
Alltop Mom

A collection of headlines from the best sites and blogs that cover mom stuff – you can also use Alltop for real estate or anything else that interests you.

If you’re going to, say, Tyler (or anywhere really), you can get good recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid from this terrific online community.
Design Sponge

Features fabulous homes, crafts and designer type people – we especially love the before and after posts.

By far the best mommy blog out there.
It’s Lovely I’ll Take It
A whole website dedicated to bizarre and outlandish homes for sale!
King Arthur Flour Baker’s Banter Blog
Makes us wish we used our Kitchenaid stand mixers a little more. Great food and good humor. The 20-something husband of one of our friends summed it up best, “I want to hang out with the King Arthur ladies. Is that wrong?”

Very useful website for design ideas!  Play with furniture and accessories before you buy and save it all to share.
If we had more time, we’d make more things from this magazine and website. And we’d definitely build the living wall.
A truly wonderful website for design inspiration.  Don’t miss the “steal this look” section!
Scouting NYC

If only we’d figured out how to have this job! Great posts on little known places and things about NYC by a movie location scout.
Smitten Kitchen

Anyone who loves coleslaw as much as she does (oh, and cake!) is a friend of the Moxie Ladies.
Texas Parks

Some of our favorite Texas State Parks are Pedernales Falls, Bastrop (cabin 12 is the BEST) and Inks Lake.

Thanks for looking!  Check back often.  When we find new cool stuff or important info we will share it here