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Giving Real Estate Buyers a Voice and a Choice

In the “old days,” real estate agents only represented the sellers of property, meaning that a buyer was often in the dark and at the mercy of the seller’s representative when buying a home. Thankfully, the law and practice have changed and recognizes that buyers need and are entitled to full and equal representation. At Moxie, we ensure that our buyers’ needs and wants are paramount!

Moxie Realty Group can help you find and evaluate the property that fits your needs and wants. Then, we work to negotiate the best price and terms for you! We are happy to refer you to terrific lenders who can help you find the best financing options, or help you find competent home inspectors and home warranty companies, and help you through all the steps of a purchase. Above all, when we are helping you find your home, we offer undivided loyalty and love working to protect your interests throughout the transaction. When you work with Moxie as a buyer, our goal is always to protect you – the Buyer.

Most people buy between one and three homes in their whole lives. Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking to upgrade or relocate, or looking for a deal on a foreclosure or a For Sale By Owner, you owe it to yourself to have an agent who has worked on hundreds of transactions represent you through the complexities of a real estate purchase. Although a buyer’s wants and needs are always the most important considerations, an experienced agent keeps in mind market trends, lending requirements, and appraisal issues that the average buyer does not have the time or energy to learn about, but which are important for evaluating a home.

We look forward to being of service to you! Call, text or e-mail us – we’d love to meet you!

Justine’s number is 512-970-0681, and she can be reached by email at justine@moxierealtygroup.com.

Mishell’s number is 512-965-5463, and she can be reached by email at mishell.kneeland@gmail.com